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Friends of Fort Flagler is an all-volunteer organization that relies on active support from people that enjoy and use the park. Whether you have a day a week or a day a year to devote, we can put you to work making meaningful contributions to the park.

Trail Team

For years individuals and groups of volunteers have patrolled the trails, removing minor debris, clipping back shrubbery, etc.  Consider “adopting” a trail, making sure it is inviting for walking or riding a bicycle.  To learn more about specific trail team opportunities use the “Contact Us” tab.  We’ll get back in touch with you to match you with a task that fits your schedule and interest.

Special Projects

There are always projects available to FoFF volunteers to help out at the park, especially in these days of low staffing due to state budget constraints.  These can run the gamut from clearing vegetation from gun battery bunkers, to doing minor repairs, to removing graffiti.  From time to time FoFF undertakes a larger project, like the recently completed basketball court or the improvements made to the interpretive trail.  Have a skill, or just willing to put some hours in to make the park better?  Use the "Contact Us” tab to let us know your interest.  We’ll get back to you to discuss options.

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