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Projects and Events

Historic Hospital Restoration

The restoration and repairs to the Hospital was a twelve-year partnership between the Friends of Fort Flagler and Washington State Parks and Recreation. While the Parks Agency focused on the roof, windows and exterior improvements, FoFF dedicated their efforts to the interior, heating system and first floor improvements. A generous donation from a Friends of Fort Flagler family allowed us to outfit the kitchen with appliances. The facility is now available for to the public to rent for events.

In 2012, this project received the Jefferson County Mary P. Johnson award for meeting the Secretary of Interior's high standards, as well as Certificates of Appreciation for sympathetic preservation, stewardship and restoration projects.

Tentative Future Projects

Theater Rehabilitation                                    Rebuild Mystery Bay State Park shelter
Entry gate                                                       Basketball backboard, hoop and, resurface court
Projection Equipment for four buildings          Upper campground clean up

Fundraising Activities

Two summer concerts                                    Park tours
Barn dance                                                     Donation solicitations
Membership drive                                           Birding tours     

Photos from the April 7, 2018 Barn Dance at Fort Flagler - Hosted by Friends of Fort Flagler

Our caller for this event was Dave "Slim" Thielk, with Becky Evasick on fiddle and two more string band members. Attendance was light, but everyone had a great time at this family-friendly party.

Watch for a repeat in the fall!

Barn Dance 1       Barn Dance 2

Trail Bridge Restoration Complete

Several members of the Friends of Fort Flagler along with several volunteers restored four bridges on the interpretive trail. New materials with non-skid surfaces were used to complete the project. See photos below.

Trail Bridge 1    Trail Bridge 2

Trail Bridge 3    Trail Bridge 4

Trail Bridge 5    Trail Bridge 6

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